Public transport used by over 1.2 billion passengers in 2019

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Public transport used by over 1.2 billion passengers in 2019
Public transport used by over 1.2 billion passengers in 2019

The upward trend in the number of passengers using the Warsaw Public Transport has continued. In 2019 over 1.201 billion public transport rides were made in Warsaw and the metropolitan area, which corresponds to an increase by nearly 18 million passengers, relative to 2018.

The Warsaw Public Transport has enjoyed a growing popularity among residents of Warsaw and the metropolitan area. Due to substantial investments in transport infrastructure and vehicles, the Public Transport Authority has recorded increased numbers of passengers using public transport year-by-year. More and more people are using trams, buses, trains and the underground service to commute to work, university or school. Last year, their number was estimated by the Public Transport Authority at     1 201 651 189.

In 2019, 49.84% of all passengers used bus transport, accounting for over 598.9 million rides. During rush hours, the Municipal Bus Company and private transport companies, taken together, operated around 1400 buses along 302 bus lines (including ordinary, fast, express, zonal, local and night services).  
Last year, trams were used by 24.7% of passengers (296.5 million rides). Within the Warsaw Public Transport, there are nearly 420 trams (including 311 low-floor cars) operating on 26 tram lines.
The underground service accounted for 20.1% of all last year’s public transport rides. Metro Lines 1 and 2, which together operate 51 six-car trains, recorded nearly 241.8 million passengers in total, while the Fast City Rail service (with its 19 trains) was used by over 22 million passengers.

The statistics of the Warsaw Public Transport also include other railway journeys within the Warsaw metropolitan area, covered by the ZTM-KM-WKD Integrated ticket (valid for trains operated by the Mazovian Railways and the Warsaw Commuter Railways). Their number was estimated to exceed 42.4 million (accounting for around 3.5% of all rides). Based on the

Integrated ticket, the Mazovian Railways provided its services to around 37.2 million passengers in 2019, and the Warsaw Commuter Railways to over 5.1 million passengers.
In 2019, the City spent over 2.5 billion on the purchase of transport services. The proceeds from ticket sales and transport agreements concluded with local governments in the Warsaw metropolitan area covered 37.27% of the total costs of the Warsaw Public Transport, and the remaining sum was covered from the City’s budget.

How the number of passengers is estimated
To estimate the number of public transport rides in the Capital, the Warsaw Public Transport Authority uses data on ticket sales, the connection rates, the daily numbers of journeys together with the number of rides, and the overall transport performance.