Public transport after the holidays

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yellow tram on the tracks in Warsaw
Author: Ewelina Lach

From the beginning of September, most buses will run according to pre-holiday timetables. For trams and underground in September, the timetables introduced in June will still apply. From October, Warsaw Public Transport (WPT) vehicles will drive over to stops according to pre-holiday timetables.

This year, WPT is restoring pre-holiday timetables in two stages – first in September, when school starts, and then in October, when students will start class at the universities.

From the beginning of September for most bus lines, pre-holiday timetables will be restored, school buses which take students to and from schools will return. Holiday timetables will be maintained for approx. 40 out of more than 300 WPT bus lines. Trams and tube trains will run at the current frequency.

October means the return of students – usually this month the number of passengers increases by more than 20 percent. A dozen or so more bus lines will return to the basic timetables, as will trams and underground. During peak traffic hours, almost 1,500 buses will take to the streets. Trams will run every 4 or 8 minutes during peak hours, and in the remaining hours every 6 or 12 minutes. Underground trains during peak traffic hours on the first line will run every 2 min 20 s, and on the second line every 2 min 50 s.

Before the holidays, the number of WPT passengers fluctuated between 80 and 85 percent of the number from a similar period before the COVID epidemic (the data refer to the time before the epidemic, because the restrictions in social life introduced during the epidemic had an impact on the number of users of WPT). These were the highest passenger traffic levels since March 2020, so it can be seen that the number of public transport passengers in Warsaw is still smaller.