Progress in building a health centre in Chrzanów

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Progress in building a health centre in Chrzanów. Fot. UM
Progress in building a health centre in Chrzanów. Fot. UM

Despite the winter, construction workers have not stopped working on the construction site of a health centre on ul. Coopera in Bemowo. This new healthcare institution will allow the extending of medical care to more patients, especially in terms of specialist medical treatment.

The healthcare centre will serve the growing population of Bemowo residents, especially Chrzanów, where, in the years to come, the population is expected to increase by 30-40 thousand.
Today the building is a shell, with a roof structure protected against rain. The target roofing and insulation will be made when above-zero temperatures become stabilised. The completion of the construction is planned for the second half of 2017. The healthcare centre should see its first patients in the first quarter of 2018.

The new centre will ensure the availability and good quality of medical services such as basic medical care, and oncological, gastro-enterological, and mental-health diagnostics. The project is financed from the budget of Warsaw in the amount of PLN 20 million.

The building’s layout
The ground floor will house a pharmacy and a basic medical-care outpatient clinic for adults and children, as well as essential common, auxiliary, and sanitary rooms.

The first floor will feature oncology, oncological surgery, chemotherapy, and gastro-enterology clinics, as well as mental health clinics for adults and children. Both parts will have separate patient service centres, spacious waiting rooms, and sanitary rooms.

The second floor is to house offices and administration, as well as addiction clinic rooms.