Warsaw for all – Pride Parade 2022 is already behind us

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a photo of participants holding colourful flags during the pride parade
Author: Rafał Motyl

The Pride Parade marched through the streets of Warsaw today. Along with the Polish LGBTI+ community, the parade was joined by Ukrainians. The crowd of smiling participants of the event was greeted by Rafał Trzaskowski, the President of the Capital City of Warsaw and Helena Dalli, the EU Commissioner for Equality.

Annually this parade is an expression of joy, solidarity, tolerance, a celebration of a smile – said Rafał Trzaskowski during the opening of the event. – We march together to witness the fact that there is a vast majority of Poles who keep their heads open. They are tolerant, they are European and they have respect for everyone. There is a war going on at our eastern border. That is why, the Pride Parade from Kiev is also going with us. Let’s welcome our friends! Glory to Ukraine! – he added.

Helena Dalli, the EU Commissioner for Equality was a special guest at the parade. Earlier, before the start of the parade, Commissioner Dalli and President Rafał Trzaskowski, together with other representatives of the European Commission and the Warsaw City Office talked about cooperation in the field of diversity policy and antidiscrimination. President Trzaskowski summed up the actions that have been taken so far by the Warsaw authorities to build a city which is friendly to everyone. He also presented how in recent months Warsaw has dealt with the challenges related to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine.

46 ambassadors and representatives of other diplomatic missions expressed their support for the parade and the LGBTQI+ community in a special letter. Out of these, representatives of 20 embassies participated in the march.

Annually not only the LGBTI+ community participates in the Pride Parade, but also all those for whom equal treatment and respect for diversity are of great importance. The organizer of the event is the Equality Voluntary Foundation.

The parade was held under the patronage of President Rafał Trzaskowski, and he also marched in the first row. The rainbow river of people was many kilometers long – when the front of the parade had already marched through Marszałkowska Street to reach Armii Krajowej Avenue, the rear of the parade was just moving from Świętokrzyska Street.

The Equality Town operated in the Świętokrzyski Park during the parade. It was created primarily by non-governmental organizations operating in the field of social diversity and supporting minority groups. There you could get some advice, talk about the situation of LGBTI+ people in towns and villages.