Polish Pass will help the fans

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Hotel booking, insurance and train, city and flight tickets in one? Yes! Specially for UEFA EURO 2012™ PL. 2012 company has created a unique product which integrates offers from three branches.

The fans and tourists staying in our country will be  able  to  use  the  Polish  Pass system in June and at the beginning of July. The city of Warsaw is one of the partners  of  the  project.  The  Polish  Pass  is  dedicated  to  all  guests regardless of the fact whether they have tickets for the matches! It is equally important that a tourist or a fan may decide what his product looks like – he may buy only one element included in the offer or select several of them. Public transport tickets within The Polish Pass integrate the majority of means of transport available in a given city – in Warsaw the offer includes trams, buses, metro and suburban trains.

Train tickets entitle travel not only between the host cities but in the whole country. The Polish Pass also offers tickets for domestic flights and from Poland to Ukraine and vice versa. An innovative system enables booking hotel rooms – a base of hotels available in Polish host cities will be gradually expanded until the beginning of the tournament. The Polish Pass will be complemented by health insurance and assistance – in case of falling ill or an emergency, the costs of staying in a hospital will be covered by the insurer and in case of further treatment being required after leaving Poland, assistance will cover the return journey.
Thanks to this product, a tourist or a fan who visits Poland during Euro 2012 will be able to use just one document apart from the passport – Polish Pass. Every person interested in purchasing the Polish Pass may adjust the product to his needs and to buy it through the Polish Guide website and booking websites. Then just print and bring it!