Places available in Warsaw day nurseries

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Places available in Warsaw day nurseries
Places available in Warsaw day nurseries

The number of free of charge places in Warsaw day nurseries is growing rapidly. This can be attributed to the twofold activities of the City - the construction of new day nurseries and the City’s paying for places in non-public facilities. There are still places available for children in seven districts.

The City pays for placement in non-public facilities through open competitions between operators providing places in day-care centres, children's clubs, and medium-sized day nurseries, and large day nurseries (with more than 70 places). The number of places made available in such facilities as a result of competitions was 2894.
At the same time, the City is coordinating the construction of new day nurseries. Recently we have opened new day nurseries on Łaguny (Wesoła) Street and Cynamonowa Street (Ursynów District).

We know that parents favour day nurseries located near their place of work or home. Finding such a place is not always possible, but we have a proposal for people who need to urgently place their child in a day nursery. We have nearly 250 available places available in various districts of Warsaw”, said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.
The available places are in seven districts: Bemowo and Bielany (1 place each), Białołęka (5 places), Rembertów (1), Ursynów (5), Wawer (1) and Wilanów (3).

We invite parents to find out about the offers of the facilities on