Opening of the National Stadium in Warsaw

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During the HERE I AM! event on Sunday of January 29 this year, 75 thousand spectators celebrated the opening of the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Five hours of music, six bands, 75 thousand spectators, 200 event organizers, three thousand spectators on the sports field, three tons of fireworks explosives! 200 speakers, a sound system with 450 thousand Watt power, several hundred Stewards, 40 thousand commemorative tickets for the first spectators with exclusive numbers from one to 40 thousand – this is only some of the statistics showing what a great moment the HERE I AM! event was.

The Stadium gates were opened at 2pm, but crowds of people had already gathered at the entrances one and a half hours prior to the opening. From 3pm to 8pm, the following artists played on the principal stage of the National Stadium in Warsaw: VooVoo and Haydamaky followed by Zakopower, Coma, T.Love with special guest Stanisław Sojka, and Lady Pank, respectively.

The celebration was crowned with a spectacular fireworks display, accompanied by music selected especially for this purpose. The fireworks were launched into the night sky over an area of 800m2, so they were visible not only in the direct surroundings of the Stadium, but could also be seen from many places in Warsaw. It was one of the biggest spectacles of this type organized in the city.


Source: National Stadium materials

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