One of Warsaw’s landmarks to be renovated

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One of Warsaw’s landmarks to be renovated
One of Warsaw’s landmarks to be renovated

While this summer Sigismund’s Column will most likely undergo restoration, residents and tourists don’t need to worry about that. The monument will still be available for sightseeing as the works will not involve any scaffolding.

Stairs first
Stair finishing will be removed and laid back to ensure a correct fall. Any cavities will be filled using patching with carefully selected stone to give the whole finishing matching colour.
Other repair works will include column washing, metal element cleaning, colour matching, and protective coating of the king Sigismund III’s sculpture.
The conservation and cleaning of the Column’s core, and the monument itself, should be carried out using a manlift.
Currently, we are preparing a procurement procedure to select the contractor. The restoration is expected to start early in the second half of 2020. The Public Spaces Authority (ZTP), which is supervising the project, has estimated its cost to exceed PLN 230,000. It will take 2-3 months to complete.

Warsaw takes care of its landmark
The Sigismund’s Column has been in Warsaw since 1644. It is often cleaned and repaired – most recently in 2006, when it had its stairs renovated. In 1996, it underwent major renovation, with the sculpture taken down from the column.