One of the biggest single order in the history of the Warsaw’s bus services

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Two buses with numbers 1000 and 1001, supplied by Solaris, were presented in the courtyard of the City Hall. The vehicles are part of one of the biggest single order in the history of the Warsaw’s bus services, which includes 168 modern vehicles.

The contract for the delivery of 168 buses includes 112 articulated buses Solaris Urbino 18, 36 vehicles Solaris Urbino 12 and 20 vehicles Solbus Solcity 10. Thus, there are more than a thousand of buses in the Capital City produced in Solaris factories.

The residents of Warsaw, as the first in the country, will benefit from the latest generation of Solaris hybrid buses. An additional electric drive will reduce fuel consumption by over 20 percent.  The emissions of exhaust fumes into the atmosphere will also be considerably reduced. The electric motor used in the buses is a kind of a perpetuum mobile – it uses energy recovered from braking of the bus. Hybrids will arrive to the Capital City in the last delivery, planned for the beginning of 2012.

The Municipal Bus Company (Miejskie Zakłądy Autobusowe) has purchased over 500 new buses since 2007. Together with the current supply, this number will increase to 670. Another 105 vehicles are planned to be purchased in 2012. This will allow to provide a proper standard of passenger services in those regions, where older types of vehicles are still used, and which will be gradually withdrawn, as the new vehicles are delivered. Over 200 buses of the oldest type – Ikarus, Neoplan and Jelcz - will disappear from streets of the Capital City this year. New buses will join the recently purchased new 128 MAN and Solaris buses, which are already in use in Warsaw.

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