Nominees for Warsaw Woman of the Year 2022 Announced

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Press conference for the announcement of the nominees for Warsaw Woman of the Year 2022. On stage, in front of the microphone, is Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. A pair of presenters can be seen in the background.
Author: Rafał Motyl

An athlete, an actress and an environmental activist are among this year's candidates for Warsaw Woman of the Year, all strong, independent and tolerant women. From today until 24 October, anyone can vote for their favourite.

Warszawianka Roku [Warsaw Woman of the Year] is a plebiscite honouring women who, through their social or professional activities, have made a unique contribution to the development and promotion of Warsaw.

I do not doubt that Warsaw has no shortage of extraordinary women who selflessly help others and inspire the next generation to take action. This is also evidenced by the fact that we received over 300 nominations this year," said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw. - I warmly congratulate all nominees, and I encourage residents to vote! – he added.

The nominees for the title "Warsaw Woman of the Year 2022" are:

  • Magdalena Dziewguć - manager,
  • Myroslava Keryk - sociologist,
  • Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska - Olympic medallist,
  • Orina Krajewska - President of the Małgosia Braunek 'Bądź' Foundation,
  • Katarzyna Nicewicz - social activist,
  • Maja Ostaszewska - actress and activist,
  • Magdalena Piotrowska - environmental activist,
  • Małgorzata Szumowska - Director of the Warsaw Invisible Exhibition, Maria Wroniszewska - Board Member of the SYNAPSIS Foundation
  • Zofia Zochniak - originator of the portal.

It’s incredible - when we work in the chapter and read all these applications, biographies and stories, how many people are working selflessly to make our everyday life better," said Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska, Chairwoman of the Warsaw City Council, announcing the nominations.

The Warsaw Woman of the Year Award is awarded both for activities for the capital city and for implementing measures to promote values such as tolerance, outstanding achievements in their field, and activities for women, civil society and the local community.

The Warsaw Woman of the Year, this selection is shining the stars here and now. We are shining a light on these ten out of hundreds of women who make up Warsaw,' said Aldona Machnowska-Góra, Deputy Mayor of the City of Warsaw. - 'I think this competition is changing us all and allowing us to get used to the fact that emancipation is happening,' added the Deputy Mayor.

This year, the chapter recognised ten women whose actions show how the world around us can be changed. During today's nomination announcement, each received a portrait by Marta Frej.

I am glad that such an initiative as the Warsaw Woman of the Year plebiscite has been reactivated and that wise, sensitive, determined and active women have their celebration. I am proud that this year's nominees include exceptional women from many areas of social life, culture and sport," stressed Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of the City of Warsaw.

When and how to vote?

Votes can be cast electronically, using the form on the website, during city events and by using a paper form. The completed form can be sent electronically to: or delivered by post or in person to the City Marketing Office at ul. Senatorska 36, 00-095 Warsaw, p. 203, marked "Warszawianka Roku".

Voting runs from today until 24 October (for online voting until 23:59 and for paper voting until 16:00).

The plebiscite results will be announced in November at a gala event. They will also be published on the website and on the city's social media profiles.




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