New Year, new lines

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a bus drives down a Warsaw street

Four new bus lines will connect Wawer with Wilanów and Ursynow, and will reach Kępa Tarchomińska, Zawady and Pruszków.

The Public Transport Authority (ZTM) is seeking feedback from passengers and requests from local authorities to ensure that the new connections are as convenient as possible for residents. In January new lines will be launched 263, 319, 333 and 817 to provide service on the Anna Jagiellonka Bridge, Kępa Tarchomińska and housing estates of Pruszków. 

A new section of Branickiego Street, i.e. the connection between Wilanów and Ursynów, and the Ursynów section of the Warsaw Southern Ring Road, have been opened. Thanks to the new streets, bus lines can be launched to facilitate transport between Wawer and Ursynów and Ursynów and Wilanów. 

Bus line 263 will provide local service and its route will largely lead through Zawady and Miasteczko Wilanów. 

Additionally, service will be launched on the shortened route: Powsinek - Oncology Centre. 

Line 319 will provide a new transverse connection between the Warszawa Miedzeszyn, Radość, Międzylesie railway stations and the Imielin metro station. It will also cover new housing estates along Przewodowa Street in Wawer, and a large part of Miasteczko Wilanów in Wilanów. It will provide an alternative connection between Wawer, Ursynów and Wilanów, compared to the route through the city centre.  

The next new line on the transport map of Warsaw will have the number 333. It will connect Kępa Tarchomińska with tram and bus lines running from Winnica and Nowodwory, as well as with Primary School No. 342 in Strumykowa Street. On the shared section of the route the timetables of lines 211 and 333 will be coordinated. 

The last of the latest additions is line 817, which will improve the transport connection of Pruszków, especially housing estates located slightly further from the railway, with Warsaw. The Pruszków local government will fully finance this line outside Warsaw.