New ulica Miodowa

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Ulica Miodowa now. Fot. R. Motyl
Ulica Miodowa now. Fot. R. Motyl

After the facelift, ulica Miodowa will become a continuation of Krakowskie Przedmieście. The general renovation plan is a result of public consultations.

The consultations on the renovation which took place in August and September gathered locals and community organizations as well as businessmen and representatives of institutions based on Miodowa. In total, around 150 people participated actively in the consultations.
They could choose from two renovation versions. The first one would bring about small changes, resulting in better traffic arrangement and higher quality of space. The other one stressed the historical significance of ulica Miodowa, suggesting that it should not be a simple transport corridor, but also a stylistic reference to Krakowskie Przedmieście. The second option gathered more votes.

Miodowa will be elegant…
The sidewalks will be made of stone, similar to the one used on Krakowskie Przedmieście. The stone will probably appear also on the roadway, although experts still have to calculate whether it will withstand the pressure and vibrations from driving vehicles. Lampposts along the entire street will be replaced with stylised “crosiers”. The plan includes planting street greenery that would not obscure the view of historical buildings, as well as installing street furniture, such as benches and bicycle racks. The changes will apply also to Plac Krasińskich; the plan is to mark out bike lanes and renovate block paving.  

… and safe
Miodowa will get a complete make-over: the new two-lane roadway will be 6-6.5 m wide. There will be no bike lanes, and bikers will ride on the roadway. Parking spaces will be marked out in lay-bys level with the street. New sidewalks will be at least 3 m wide. The street will become a part of the 30 km/h speed limit zone, and that is why intersections with ulica Schillera, ulica Kapitulna and ulica Kapucyńska will be raised to the sidewalk level. The traffic re-arrangement will concern not only Miodowa, but also other streets in the neighbourhood: Długa, J. Kilińskiego, Podwale, Schillera and Kapitulna. On ulica Podwale and ulica J. Kilińskiego, the traffic direction will be reversed. The bus bay for buses driving towards the city centre will be removed. A new pedestrian crossing will be made, and there will be separate left-turn lanes at the intersections with ulica Długa and ulica Świętojerska.

What is next?
That is the general concept that will provide basis for drawing up detailed design documentation. We intend to launch the call for tender to determine the contractor before the end of the year. The renovation will take place in 2016.