New Studio Cinema in Warsaw

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the building of the Museum of Warsaw in the Old Town, where the Syrena Cinema is located

The Syrena Cinema opened on 8th April in the Warsaw Museum in the Old Town Square. The movie repertoire is related to the exhibition program and focuses on short documentaries, dealing with urban issues.

The opening of the Syrena Cinema was marked by the premiere of "The Balcony Movie" by Pawel Lozinski. During the pandemic, the director held conversations with people passing by in the street under the balcony of his Warsaw apartment in Saska Kempa. "The Balcony Movie" won the 18th edition of the Audience Award in Warsaw and Katowice, the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival award and Grand Prix awards in Locarno and Biarritz.

The movie "Flee", directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, is another feature of the repertoire. The film collected a number of prestigious awards, won the hearts of viewers around the world, and received three Oscar nominations. The movie is an animated story about Amin, who had to leave his native Afghanistan as a teenager.

The Syrena Cinema movie programme complements the exhibition programme of the Museum of Warsaw. The movie "City Dreamers," directed by Joseph Hillel, is playing in April. It is about the pioneering work of female architects who shaped the way we think about urban cities. There will also be documentaries focusing on the subject of ecology: "I am Greta" by Nathan Grossman, "Dolphin Man" by Lefteris Charitos and "Genesis 2.0" by Christian Frei and Maxim Arbugaev. The repertoire also includes films about contemporary fashion.

The cinema will be open from Tuesday to Sunday. Tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: PLN 16 standard / PLN 10 discounted; on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: PLN 18 standard / PLN 14 discounted. The Syrena Cinema Repertoire The Museum of Warsaw is being built in cooperation with Against Gravity.