New public housing in the Ursus District

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New public housing in the Ursus District
New public housing in the Ursus District

Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski gives apartment keys to first residents of the public block of flats at Zagłoby St. in the Ursus District

The construction of new flats is stepping up, just as we have said it would. The block of flats at Zagłoby St. will provide housing to as many as 84 families. This is yet another public housing project we have completed this term. Soon, more occupants will be given their keys – this time on the right bank of the Vistula, in the Targówek, Praga and Wawer Districts,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

The building at 17 Zagłoby St. has 84 flats, their area ranging from 29.7 to 67.5 square metres (30 one-room, 42 two-room, and 12 three-room apartments), including 9 flats adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The apartments are ready to be moved into. The block has an underground car park, elevators, and a pram storage area in each stairwell. In addition, the building has been equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. The cost of this project is PLN 22.5 m.
In an area of 662 sq. m, the ground floor of the new building houses a local branch of the “Arsus” Culture Centre – “Miś” Community Centre.
Support for the underprivileged
On 22 January, three families received keys to new public housing from the Mayor of Warsaw. These included an immigrant family participating in the Habitat For Humanity Programme. With the housing and social/professional support provided under the HFH, as well as close cooperation with the Ursus District Welfare Centre, and the commitment and determination of the participants themselves, the family has been able to put their life in order, and rent the apartment at Zagłoba St.
The City of Warsaw partnered with the Habitat For Humanity Foundation in 2018. And the two parties have continued to collaborate, based on their Cooperation Agreement, which was amended on 16 July 2019.

Building and upgrading more and more apartments
Public housing is an opportunity, especially for young people, families with children, older people, and people with disabilities, to have a flat of their own. Recently, we have given keys to apartments located at Berenta, 15 Mała, 20 Łomżyńska, and Zagłoby Streets. Soon, first occupants will be moving in to their apartments in TBS buildings at Korzona (Targówek) and 29 Stalowa (Praga-Północ) Streets. This year, we are also expecting to deliver apartments at Bambusowa (Wawer), Odrowąża (Targówek), 26 Łomżyńska (Praga-Północ), Radzymińska (Targówek), and Skaryszewska/Targowa (Praga-Południe) Streets.
We’re either implementing or preparing projects to deliver about 1,700 such apartments. The City will allocate almost PLN 380 million for this purpose.