New nurseries in Ursus and Bielany districts are already operational

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tables and chairs in the nursery
Author: Paweł Dąbrowski

From now on, young Varsovians benefit from new municipal nurseries in Bielany and Ursus. Over 300 children are provided with free care in two modern facilities. Warsaw is the first city in Poland to introduce a free nursery care program.

We do everything to ensure that the youngest residents of the capital have their own place - friendly and supportive of their development, and parents can develop professionally. In February 2019, at the request of the Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, the Council of Warsaw Capital City agreed to one hundred percent financing of nursery care. Since then, in all municipal and non-public nurseries subsidized by the city, care for children is free, the parent pays only for feeding the child – said Aldona Machnowska-Góra, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Capital City.

New nurseries in Ursus and Bielany districts

From the nursery No. 73 at ul. Dzieci Warszawy 22A in the Ursus district will be able to use parents of 175 children, and in the facility No. 74 at ul. Bogusławskiego 5 in Bielany there are 172 places. Both buildings are fully equipped and adapted to the needs of small children. There are rooms with separate play and rest zones, bathrooms, deckchairs and changing rooms. In each nursery there is also a playground, a garden and special movement rooms, where the youngest also have sensory classes.

The facilities are open 5 days a week, for 10 hours a day, and classes are conducted in accordance with the care, educational and educational plan adapted to the developmental abilities of children. Children also take part in various physical activities and outdoor games.

Nurseries will also provide four meals a day, which are prepared on site in accordance with nutritional standards for children up to 3 years of age. In each group, care is provided by qualified care staff. In addition, the facilities provide nurse care and psychological support.

Children can still be enrolled in both nurseries. Care in nurseries for the youngest Varsovians is financed by the Warsaw Capital City. More information to be found at the side of Nursery Complex of Warsaw Capital City. Recruitment for care positions is also being conducted.

A new nursery will be built in Białołęka

150 children will be able to be accepted by the nursery, which will be built next year in Żerań, at ul. Ku Rzece. Representatives of the Warsaw Capital City and the Białołęka district signed today a contract with the contractor for the implementation of the investment. At ul. Ku Rzece, a modular, ecological and energy-efficient building will be built. One-storey facility with an area of about 1600 sqm. It will be supported by a heat pump and a photovoltaic installation. Next to the nursery, there will also be a playground divided into three age groups. Unihouse will be responsible for the design and construction of the facility. The cost of the investment is PLN 14.6 million.