Warsaw has a new life-saving ambulance for newborn babies

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Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw, standing in front of a modern ambulance for newborn babies

A modern ambulance will ensure safe transportation of premature and newborn babies with severe diseases in the Mazovia region. The purchase of the special-purpose vehicle for PLN 1.1 million was financed by Warsaw and the local government of the Mazovian Province. The ambulance will be handed over to the capital's "Meditrans" ambulance station.

Last year more than 35,000 babies were born in Warsaw. Taking care of them requires specialist equipment such as neonatology ambulances, which are used to save the lives and health of premature and newborn babies. The ambulance used by the ambulance station "Meditrans" to transport the youngest patients is already 10 years old and heavily worn out. That is why I decided that Warsaw would donate half a million zlotys for the purchase of a new ambulance with state-of-the-art equipment, and it is about to enter service,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw. The new ambulance will not only provide comprehensive medical care for newborn babies on their way to hospital, but will also ease the hard work put in everyday by paramedic teams, he added.


As highlighted by Renata Kaznowska, the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, who is responsible for health matters in the city, the cost of purchasing and equipping a specialised neonatology ambulance is twice as high as that of an ambulance vehicle for transporting adult patients.

A neonatological ambulance must be reliable and its equipment must be of the highest quality. Owing to that, during transport small patients are provided with the level of care comparable to that of an intensive care unit in the hospital, she said.


Mazovian Province Governor Adam Struzik emphasised that the newborn ambulance purchased for Warsaw "Meditrans" is the most modern in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe.

Safe transport of premature and newborn babies with severe diseases is extremely important for their health and life. The extensive equipment of the provided ambulance, including a lightweight, advanced neonatal ventilator, a modern nitric oxide therapy delivery system and four infusion pumps will allow to secure their vital functions during transport at the highest level, he emphasised.

Governor Struzik added that last month the Mazovian Province local government financed the purchase of 10 specialised and fully equipped ambulances for the capital's "Meditrans", worth over PLN 5.6 million.