New Investment Projects in the City of Warsaw

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New Investment Projects in the City of Warsaw
New Investment Projects in the City of Warsaw

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the Mayor of Warsaw together with her deputies, presented at a press conference in the office of the City of Warsaw new investment projects that will be implemented in the City of Warsaw in 2016-19 for PLN 400 million. This amount is additional income from the EU funds.

- On the one hand these are known undertakings that will obtain additional financial support, but also completely new ones, awaited by the inhabitants. Some will be implemented within four years, and some already this year. There are nearly 30 investment tasks - informed the Mayor of Warsaw during the conference, which was also attended by Ewa Malinowska–Grupińska, the chairwoman of the City Council and councillor Maria Łukaszewicz, the chairwoman of the Budget and Finance Committee.
One of the more interesting, completely new investment projects which it is worth mentioning is building the footbridge for pedestrians and bicycles across the Vistula River for PLN 30 million which will be built between the Karowa and Okrzei Streets.

Financial support will be also obtained for a flyover and a tunnel under the railway crossing in Rembertów and a tunnel under the tracks in Wesoła.
- Grade-separated crossings will make it considerably easier to move in these city areas and improve the road and railway traffic safety- emphasised Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. For these construction tasks, PLN 61 million has been set aside.

The city has also set aside money for a number of road solutions, such as building the Kłodzka Street, lighting the Kocka and Krawiecka Streets, a bicycle path at the Niemcewicza Street, building light signals at the junction of the Koszykowa and Raszyńska Streets.
Also the modernisation of the Bielański Hospital, council construction under the Revitalisation Integrated Programme and subsidies for repairs and conservation of monuments remaining in the possession of housing cooperatives and other entities will be partially financed. Additional money will be allocated also for urban greenery.

- We are implementing a programme which on the one hand assumes to increase the number of plantings – of trees and shrubs – and on the other, to build new and to revitalise existing parks. We are allotting PLN 45 million for these activities. In this context, we are also encouraging to commune with nature, and specifically with animals in our zoo – we will build a new entry to the garden from the Jagiellońska Street to facilitate access to it - said the Mayor of Warsaw.

This additional PLN 400 million is a large boost for the City of Warsaw. All the investment projects will be of service to the improvement of life in the city, by developing the transport, council construction, protection of health and preservation of monuments, having also impact on the quality of care over the youngest, rest and safety.

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