Neighbours' courses – recruitment continues

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How to organize a neighbourly picnic? Perhaps it's better to do it together with other people who would like to revive their neighbourhood? You can learn all this at the Neighbours Academy! Signing up for free classes is ongoing.

Neighbours Academy is a course for people who plan to organize neighbourhood activities in their area, want to actively develop their immediate area, but need to broaden their social competences and knowledge in the field of animation techniques of local communities.

During six meetings lasting for about a few hours, participants will learn, among others, how to diagnose local needs and resources, what are the sources of financing for local activities and how to conduct communication and promotion of activities in the local community. They will be able to organize, e.g. picnics for neighbours, community gardens or thematic meetings conducted by neighbours- enthusiasts.

Residents of all districts of Warsaw can apply to the Neighbours Academy. Participation in meetings is free of charge. The organizer of the course is the Idylla Foundation with co-financing of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Warsaw is developing thanks to active residents – people,  organizations and institutions that activate and integrate local communities. The city supports active residents through, among others, the development of a network of Local Activity Places, Neighbourhood Initiatives (mini-grants), local initiative (partnership activities of residents and the office), the Cultural Cooperative portal (free rental of resources needed for local activities) or the Neighbours Academy.

Why is it worth participating in the Neighbours Academy?

Participants of the spring edition encourage:

Very useful course. A leader with specialized, extensive knowledge. All topics were conveyed in an interesting and straightforward way.

I really liked the form of conducting the course. Especially during the first day, the organization organizing the Neighbours Academy made sure that all the members of the training integrated and got to know each other, which allowed them to establish interesting contacts, even more shy people were able to do it.

Very creative classes, participants were frequently encouraged to get involved in various active activities through discussions and teamwork.

Classes as part of the autumn edition will take place on 19, 20, 26 October, 9 and 24 November, and on 7 December from 9.00 am-4.00 pm at the MAL Grójecka 109 (Ochota Culture Centre). The meetings, as in the spring edition, will be conducted by professor, Ph. D Magdalena Szafranek.

Registration via application form. You can register until 11 October at the latest or until all places have been filled.