Nearly PLN 14,000,000 allocated to eco-subsidies

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Nearly PLN 14,000,000 allocated to eco-subsidies
Nearly PLN 14,000,000 allocated to eco-subsidies

22 projects worth a total amount of PLN 13,940,000 – another list of undertakings, serving the purposes of environmental protection and the water economy, has been approved this year. These undertakings will receive co-funding from the Capital City of Warsaw resources, established through collecting environmental payments and administrative penalties.

The projects to be implemented in 2016-2019 mainly focus on thermal modernisation, renewable energy sources and green areas.
The money will go to over 20 municipal entities. All the activities envisaged are aimed at implementing the low-carbon economy plan for the Capital City of Warsaw, and thus at improving the air quality in the capital of Poland,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

The funds will be spent, inter alia, on the thermal modernisation of buildings, the assembly of a solar water heating system, the assembly of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, and a stocktaking of public green areas and their inclusion in the general municipal ArcZieleń database.
The reference subsidies were preceded by grants to natural persons, housing associations, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and other associations, serving the following purposes:
•    shutting down holding tanks and constructing sewage-system connections;
•    removing and neutralising asbestos-containing products/waste;
•    using local sources of renewable energy.

As regards the latter, as many as 159 investments have been launched so far in 2016, which is 50 investments more than in the whole of 2015.