Nearly PLN 100 000 provided for actions along the Vistula

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Nearly PLN 100 000 provided for actions along the Vistula.Fot. J.Piotrowski
Nearly PLN 100 000 provided for actions along the Vistula.Fot. J.Piotrowski

Recycling workshops, common cleaning from land and boats – are only some of ideas of inhabitants of Warsaw concerning promotion of cleanliness along the Vistula. Their implementation is supported by the city under the program "Regranting of the Vistula District".

 - One crew flows to Gdański Bridge and the other to Siekierkowski Bridge - says Damian Jakubowski from the Foundation Szerokie Wody, which from Monday, 16 November performs "inspections" along the Vistula.  - During the nearest days two boats will sail on waters – galar and pychówka. Their crews composed mostly of volunteers have to monitor contamination and clean when necessary – explains Jakubowski.

Inspections along the Vistula constitute one of 12 projects selected to be executed under the program "Regranting of the Vistula District" the operator of which is the Foundation Poza Horyzont and Sekwencja Company. Applications could be submitted from 18 September to 31 October 2015. 17 projects were received from among which 12 received financial support of the Capital City of Warsaw on the basis of regranting. Depending on the character of the project financial support ranged from PLN 2 500 to 10 000. Total financial support amounted to PLN 95 051.50.

 - We received projects from non-governmental organizations and natural persons who wanted to join the promotion of the idea of responsibility for common space - says Adam Góra from the Foundation Poza Horyzont.  - The purpose of the program was not to exclude the promotion of cleanliness along the Vistula but to build regional identity and identification with the environment, respect for the local nature.

 - It is very important for us to take care of areas along the Vistula through the whole year. Therefore, we want to engage everyone – both the inhabitants and non-governmental organizations – which take care of banks along the Vistula in regranting contest. I hope that these actions once again will encourage inhabitants of Warsaw to spend free time in "clean" and attractive manner, – says Michal Olszewski – Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

12 projects until the end of November winning projects supplement actions executed throughout the whole season under the campaign "Vistula District". "Wyjdź na czysto" ("clean business"). Ideas which gained financial support are very diverse. They include, among others, execution of series of video surveys entitled "Czysto z mostu" ("bridge-blank") (available on youtube);  preparation of mobile game "Trasz Buster Wisła";  issuance of "district" bulletin or preparation of the competition concerning non-standard project for waste basket for selective collection along the river.

Among the applications we could also find events. This week on Wednesday, 18 November at 18.00 in Okrąglak Bar (Świętokrzyski park at the junction of ul. Emilii Plater and Świętokrzyska) the meeting will take place entitled „Międzynarodowy dzień toalet” ("International toilets day"). During this event guests will be invited to discuss the project of new Warsaw automatic toilets which next year will be also located along the Vistula.

During the weekend on 20-21 November common cleaning of the right bank of the Vistula will take place under the name "Do not ask what the Vistula can do for you, ask what you can do for the Vistula" (Saturday);  open carpenter's classes whose participants will, among others, make their own waste baskets and creative recycling workshops (Saturday and Sunday).

During the next weekend on 27 - 29 November picnic will take place under the name "Zabiegam o czystą Warszawę nad Wisłą" ("I care for clean Warsaw along the Vistula"), preparation of "Vistula Archery Route" and common cleaning of the banks by scouts.
All activities will be executed until the end of November. Information on them may be found on "Vistula District" on Facebook's profile.

Descriptions of projects from their initiators
1.    "Czysto z mostu" ("Bridge-blank"), the author Elżbieta Bogdańska – it is a project which is to promote maintenance of cleanliness along the Vistula so as to not only have fun but also remember to clean the area. It includes preparation of 10 short videos featuring interviews with inhabitants of Warsaw who spend their time along the Vistula.
2.    Trasz Buster Wisła, the author Grzegorz Franaszczuk - creation of a mobile game which has to incite user’s awareness of the necessity to clean during using the areas along the Vistula. This "platformer" consists in passing next stages, being the sections of the Vistula in Warsaw and collection of waste encountered on the way. At the end of each stage there is a symbolic waste basket.
3.    "Zabiegam o czystą Warszawę nad Wisłą" ("I care for clean Warsaw along the Vistula"), Chlorofil Foundation - campaign encouraging the inhabitants of Warsaw to keep cleanliness in the city and particularly areas along the Vistula. This campaign consists mainly in collection of wastes, however it has also educational character addressed to the youngest.
4.    "Posprzątajmy Wisłę" ("Let's clean the Vistula"), the author Sławomir Zalewski- the aim of the campaign is to encourage people (volunteers) who will collect wastes along the right bank of the Vistula from Poniatowski bridge towards the northern and southern direction. The main motto of the campaign is: "Do not ask what the Vistula can do for you, ask what you can do for the Vistula".
5.    "Nowe Życie nad Wisłą" ("New Life along the Vistula"). Autumn/Winter Do dzieła! Foundation - preparation and issuance of bulletin which enumerates possibilities to spend free time along the Vistula in autumn and winter period as well as presentation of "clean" recreation.
6.    "Międzynarodowy dzień toalet" ("International toilets day"), the author Julia Missala - the project consists in promotion of the international toilets day, among others, through organization of the competition in the social media, distribution of postcards showing the project of public toilets and announcing their construction in Warsaw and meeting with Aleksandra Wasilkowska, author of books on public toilets, in one of former public toilets.
7.    "Harcerski Przystanek Rowerowy" (“Scout Cycling Stop") under the banner of the Capital City of Warsaw Praga-Południe - the goal of the cycling project is to encourage the inhabitants of Warsaw, especially on the right side of the Vistula to actively spend time along the Vistula. Additionally the project is to integrate people who spend time along the river and build their identity. ZHP under the banner of the Capital City wants to encourage the users to identify with the environment, respect nature and keep cleanliness along the Vistula.
8.    "Nadwiślańska stolarka" ("Vistula carpentry"), the author Marta Baranowska - the goal of which is to promote cleanliness in public space. With the use of materials which can be found at the banks of the Vistula and natural sources such as, among others, wood the participants of workshops may construct simple waste baskets. The project has to promote recycling and bring attention to particular natural and cultural values of the areas located along the Vistula.
9.    RecyclingART, the author Piotr Michalik-under the project it is planned to create usable forms or art made of daily use wastes. The organizers want to show the inhabitants of Warsaw how to use wastes and what can be made of them. Thanks to this initiative the inhabitants will be able to give second life to worn objects.
10.    "Wiślana Ścieżka Łucznicza" ("Vistula Archery Route"), Warsaw Tourist Ski Club - Kurniawa of Warsaw PTTK im. Aleksandra Janowskiego- the project is related to cleaning of the area from Saska Kępa to Siekierkowski bridge and preparation of the archery route. Route is supposed to include 28 goals/discs to which participants must shot from places which are marked by the organizers.
11.    "Zanim śnieg przykryje śmieci" ("Before snow covers waste"), Szerokie Wody Foundation - post-seasonal ecological service, which with the use of rafter's boats (which can quickly and efficiently reach every place of the river and coastline) search the banks of the Vistula to find illegal dumping sites, place endangered by significant ecological contamination and places without relevant infrastructure  causes noticeable environmental and landscape degradation.
12.    Project on selective collection system, the author Agnieszka Milczarek-the project consisting in the announcement of the competition for projects for waste baskets for selective collection of waste. Under the competition it is planned to prepare the first prototype as part of the winning project.

Vistula river. Fot. J.Badełek