Nearly PLN 10 million from the EU for culture investments

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Nearly PLN 10 million from the EU for culture investments
Nearly PLN 10 million from the EU for culture investments

Warsaw’s institutions of culture have received EU subsidies in the amount of nearly PLN 10 million. These funds will allow the city to raise the availability of its cultural package and adapt historic structures for the needs of its new educational and cultural resource.

“Thanks to the city’s and EU funds, we are modernising institutions and selected historic structures. The residents gain spaces with new functions and greater access to cultural and educational events. Undoubtedly, these additional funds will allow us to step up the implementation of projects which are important to our city,” says Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

Warsaw has received positive decisions for two projects:
New quality of culture – enhancing the availability of cultural resources by modernising and buying equipment for an auditorium and selected theatre stages in Warsaw. The project’s value: PLN 7,872,959.24; the EU subsidy: PLN 4,904,451.98.
•    The process of the deterioration of the historic building of the Dramatic Theatre (Teatr Dramatyczny) will be halted by, e.g., the replacement of the structural ceiling over one of the stages and the replacement of floors.
•    The plans for the Common Theatre (Teatr Powszechny) include the installation of modern lighting and the purchase of audio-visual equipment.
•    The Białołęka Cultural Centre (Białołęcki Ośrodek Kultury) will receive support in the form of new equipment for its auditorium.

The protection of the cultural heritage of Warsaw by adapting selected historic structures to the implementation of a new educational and cultural package. The project’s value: PLN 8,868,890.65; the EU subsidy: PLN 4,935,062.25.
•    Thanks to a full renovation of the historic villa at ul. Siarczana 6, the residents of Targówek will gain the modern Centre of Local Culture and Activity.
•    The residents of the Włochy District, thanks to the renovation of the Koelichen Palace, will be able to use the resources of the district library.