MPO garbage truck for the Ukrainian municipality

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Front view of orange garbage truck with one door open on one side

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Oczyszczania (EN- Municipal Cleaning Company) in the City of Warsaw has thoroughly renovated one of its garbage trucks. Today, the repaired vehicle was handed over to the Ukrainian municipality of Wyhoda, which during the first period of the war welcomed residents from the eastern part of the country.

In mid-2022, Mykola Matsalak, Mayor of the Wyhoda United Territorial Community, asked the Warsaw MPO for support in collecting and transporting municipal waste. Due to the ongoing war, over 2,200 people came to the municipality within three months, including nearly 400 children. The collection of waste has become, and remains to this day, a burning problem for this area. Therefore, the municipality's representatives asked the City of Warsaw for aid.

A major challenge the company faced was the selection and preparation of one of its vehicles for further service in Ukraine. "We consider the possibility of supporting our neighbours as a duty and higher necessity. We handed over the Mercedes Atego garbage truck, which until recently this year collected waste from the streets of Warsaw. During the renovation, MPO employees made every effort to make the car run impeccably" – said Zdzisław Gawlik, president of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Oczyszczania in the City of Warsaw.

"We are touched and very grateful to our friends from MPO in Warsaw. This garbage truck is invaluable to us, it will help us in our daily work and allow us to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants of our municipality. We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for this huge support" - said Switlana Jabiak, Council Secretary from the Wyhoda United Territorial Community.

Employees of the MPO Warsaw workshop at Kopijników street had previously conducted a thorough inspection, diagnosing the technical condition of the Mercedes. Most of the work involved renovating the vehicle's suspension. After replacing the necessary elements, they were again secured and painted. The engine, oil system, cooling system and exhaust system were sealed. The employees also replaced all fluids and oils, and repaired the entire electrical system of the vehicle and the body. The vehicle's repair took a total of 5 weeks.

MPO workshop employees help Ukraine

The Mercedes Atego is not the only vehicle that MPO mechanics have renovated for Ukraine. In the first half of the year, the company's employees from the workshop at Tatarska street have repaired by a neonatology ambulance, which was donated to the RK Rescue Support Foundation. Today, it serves children who need transportation to receive medical assistance.