Motorcycles allowed to use bus lanes

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Motorcycles allowed to use bus lanes
Motorcycles allowed to use bus lanes

The Mayor of Warsaw has made a decision to allow motorcycles to move along the City’s bus lanes. Appropriate changes to road signs will be introduced for all permanent bus lanes across the City.

First changes to traffic organisation are expected to be made in April.
“We have practically checked how motorcycle traffic would impact on the safety and functioning of bus lanes. Our observations continued for two seasons, their outcomes being more than promising. Once allowed to use the bus lanes, motorcyclists showed due respect. Also, no critical voices were heard from municipal bus drivers,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

Under the Mayor’s decision, motorcycles will be allowed to move along all permanent bus lanes across the City. There are nearly 53 kilometres of road lanes which so far have been reserved for municipal buses, taxis and the Municipal Transport of the Disabled (MTON). To allow motorcycle traffic, the word “MOTORCYCLES” will be added to the vertical road signs which currently contain the following means of transport: BUS, TAXI and MTON.
Motorcyclists are reminded that, under the binding traffic regulations, they can move along a given bus lane only if the road sign allows motorcycle traffic. Unless the appropriate change to traffic organisation has been made, using a bus lane will be considered a road traffic offence.  

All future bus lanes in the City will be designed so as to allow motorcycle traffic. New bus lanes will be constructed, in the first place, on Puławska, Radzymińska (towards Marki) and Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 Streets.