More than 2 thousand Warsaw benches installed in the capital city

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wooden bench in the park

Since 2018, the capital has gained over 2,000 new Warsaw Benches. Another 200 will have been placed by the end of the year. Residents can use them in streets, squares and parks.

Warsaw gardeners are placing benches all over the city, in places where pedestrian traffic is the heaviest - both in areas administered by the Warsaw Greenery Authority and by other city units. Initially, specific locations as part of the Bench of Warsaw (Ławka Warszawska) campaign were chosen by residents. In 2021 and 2020, the locations of benches were indicated by Warsaw gardeners, who took into account the needs reported by residents, as well as by representatives of other city departments.

New Warsaw benches in parks, streets and squares

In 2021 a lot of new pieces of street furniture were placed in the following squares: Słoweński, Ryski, Stanisława Broniewskiego "Orszy" or Gen. Jura Gorzechowskiego and in the parks such as: Morskie Oko, Promenada, Edwarda Szymańskiego and the Fosa i Stoki Cytadeli Park (Moat Park at Warsaw Citadel). In the latter park a record number of benches appeared, as many as 71, replacing the old, dilapidated street furniture.

Benches are also being placed in Warsaw's streets and squares. In Śródmieście (City Centre) many of these new street furniture items facilitate relaxation and make public space more attractive, e.g. in Powiśle at Topiel and Kruczkowskiego St. and near Trzech Krzyży Sq. Further benches were installed in Praga-Północ (Wileński Sq.), Bielany (Marymoncka St.), and Bemowo (Wrocławska St.). Currently benches are being installed in Praga-Południe and Wesoła.

Warsaw Bench - residents also make decisions

Street furniture appears in the city more and more often also owing to the implementation of projects from the participatory budget - it accompanies the new planting in the streets, parks and squares. As part of the project "Revitalisation of the area between Redutowa and Elekcyjna St.", 35 benches appeared near Reduta Wolska, in addition to greenery and new alleys. Another project called "Green Wola", which is currently being implemented, includes the installation of benches between the Wolski Cemetery and Redutowa St. as one of its elements. Next year there will be more of these pieces of street furniture owing to the "777 benches for Warsaw" and "Benches in Bródno in 2022" projects.

The city's residents have an impact not only on the locations of the benches. It was with their participation that the current model of this urban furniture was selected in 2018 - the Warsaw Bench, available in three variants: without a backrest, with a backrest without armrests and with a backrest and armrests. The whole process of selection and construction was conducted by the Warsaw Greenery Authority. The form of the bench was tested in terms of aesthetics, functionality and comfort by residents and representatives of offices.

The Warsaw benches are inspected twice a year - at that time possible faults and acts of vandalism are removed. At the same time, the employees of the Warsaw Greenery Authority respond to current reports regarding this street furniture, submitted via the 19115 city app or sent directly to the relevant unit.