More heritage sites under protection in Warsaw

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Praga, Ząbkowska st.
Praga, Ząbkowska st.

The Merkury and Tęcza cinemas in the Żoliborz District, the housing estate on Podskarbińska Street, the Różycki Bazaar, Stawy Kellera Park and Brustman’s Ponds - these are only a few of the newest additions to the Municipal Register Of Monuments (GEZ).‏ The City Monument Conservator has added 89 new items to the GEZ.

Entering in the GEZ a building, tenement house, town planning unit, building complex, archaeological artefact or park gives legal basis for the protection of such a site.
It imposes an obligation to consult the Conservator any decision involving such a site in terms of the location of the investment or decisions on the development conditions. Any prospective investor also has to consult the Voivodeship Monument Conservator on any extension or demolition of buildings entered in the register. The GEZ is the first list of Warsaw monuments which are not entered in the Register of Monuments.

Some of the entries are derivative in nature and entail only putting finishing touches to the existing entries, but a few dozen entries concern previously unlisted monuments!,” emphasised Michał Krasucki, Director of the Heritage Protection Department. “I am most pleased with Merkury Shopping Centre with partially preserved mosaics by the Henisz family, the modernist pavilion of the Tęcza Cinema (the side of the existing historic boiler house), and even the Różycki Bazaar, which until now has been subject to protection only on the basis of entries in the Register of Monuments of Targowa and Brzeska streets,” he added.

The Municipal Register of Monuments kept by the Heritage Protection Department from 2012 includes nearly 12 thousand entries.