Modernisation of M1 Metro line - from analogue to digital technology

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Warsaw metro train

The old analogue traffic control devices, which still remember the start-up of the first line almost three decades ago, are becoming a thing of the past. It is time for digital devices, fibre optics and axle counters.

Opened in 1995, the first line of the Warsaw metro is constantly being modernised. At present, the train traffic control devices (TCD) used to visualise the traffic situation are being replaced. Based on analogue relays, the so-called light display used to show track occupancy on a special board which today is more like an exhibit in a museum of technology. Now the track occupancy will be shown by means of axle counters mounted in the track bed and displayed on a computer monitor, where the amount of data can be conveniently configured.

The last three stations that still have light displays - Wierzbno, Racławicka, and Pole Mokotowskie - are switching to modern TCD.

More accurate and faster

Modern equipment shows the situation in the tunnels much more accurately, so that traffic wardens can get an overview of the current traffic situation and make key decisions more quickly in emergency situations. In addition, the former light displays only showed the occupied track in a small area of the station and the nearby tunnels - a system based on axle counters, on the other hand, provides an overview of the entire line irrespective of the computer's location.

Standardisation of systems

Modernising the M1 line is important when operating and servicing equipment. It will be easier and more efficient for Metro employees to inspect and repair one type of equipment on both lines than on two different systems, requiring different types of tools and knowledge.

Works related to the reconstruction of traffic control devices in the metro have been conducted since 2009. The Kabaty - Stokłosy and Stokłosy - Wilanowska sections have been modernised. The cost of this year's undertaking is nearly PLN 5 million net.


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