Miracle at the Vistula

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Cavalry charges, artillery fires and bayonet fights with the Bolsheviks being defeated like 90 years ago and pushed back from Warsaw.

Reconstruction of the Battle of Warsaw on the fields near Ossow City was watched by several thousand people. The first outbreaks announced the battle a while after 1 p.m..

- Today 90 years have passed from the battle and after these 90 years we still remember and we do honor the heros of those days, because we do not only feel as their legatees but we also feel great national gratitude for the sacrifice they gave for the sake of the brightest Republic of Poland. – Bronisław Komorowski, the President of Poland said during the ceremonies.

The battle with the Bosheviks on the fields of Ossów near by Wołomin took place on August 14th in 1920. It was the part of the great Battle of Warsaw, in which the Red Army was forced to retreat. This battle, which was called by the anagonists of Jozef Pilsudski as the Miracle at the Vistula, saved Poland and Western Europe from communism.