Mental Health Centre at the Wola District Hospital is open

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Mental Health Centre at the Wola District Hospital is open
Mental Health Centre at the Wola District Hospital is open

The Centre will host a 30-bed Clinical Psychiatric Ward, Community Mental Health Services, including outpatient clinics, and a patient admission room. The cost of the upgrade was PLN 3.5 mln.

The Ministry of Health estimates that one in every four people will experience mental health problems, and this is why we have made it our priority both in the Bielany and Wola Hospital,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, during the opening ceremony. “I would like to thank every person involved in this endeavour. I hope that the ward will serve well all residents of Warsaw not only those from Wola, but everyone who will require this kind of help.”

The pavilion had previously hosted for many years a Cardiology Ward, which was moved to a new building (erected with the help of municipal subsidies) in 2016. It presented an opportunity to make use of the available space and open a Clinical Psychiatric Ward. The rooms have been refurbished and fitted with medical equipment.

“It is an incredible upgrade for the patients and the personnel alike,” said Katarzyna Stankiewicz, Head of the Mental Health Centre. “This Centre will help patients who experience emotional struggles and psychological crises and, above all, need the space and people with whom they can connect and build relationships, sometimes lasting many years,” she added.

The Wola Hospital has been receiving subsidies from the City of Warsaw for many years now. In the years 2007-2018 it received subsidies in the amount of PLN 84.3 mln. It is a 354-bed hospital, and in 2017 alone it admitted 15.5 thousand patients from Wola and other districts of Warsaw.