Maples, limes and cherries along the capital's streets

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There is one thousand one hundred seventy two new trees along the streets and in parks. Warsaw continues the autumn plantings young, but large trees are planting in rows at the adult specimens or in new tree lines.

There are 1 172 trees planted this autumn in areas under the care of the Urban Sanitation Management. Most strongly represented at this year's plantings species are maples, which will be 283 pieces more, and limes - 199, ornamental cherries - 127, pear-berry - and plantains 97 - 94. There will be a lot of locust - 81 and ash - 72. Most new trees will be planted in Śródmieście - 191 pieces., in the Praga-Południe - 169 and Wola - 137.

This is another year in which the Urban  Sanitation Management avoid planting trees harmful to people with allergies. We select the clones, Robins, hornbeams and chestnut and fruit trees pollinated by insects. These species account for 55 percent of plantings.

New trees complement the existing rows, but they are also planted in a completely new locations. Many places are shown by the citizens themselves, for example along the Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych on the Praga Południe or Paderewskiego  Street in Rembertów, where in the framework of participatory budgeting in 2015 there will be planted 5 pear trees with small-berries.

Autumn is the best - according to the gardening calendar - planting time for trees and shrubs. The plants are already in standby , so they are just after  the shedding of leaves. Since spring they will begin intensive growth, without losing the energy for acclimatization.
The cost of planting nearly 1.2 thousand trees with care is approx. PLN 800 thousand.  The contractor of works for three years is required to regularly water the plants, weed bowls, fertilize, and monitor trees for pests.

Statistics of autumn plantings carried out in areas subject to ZOM (1 300 hectares of green greenery and 6 parks) is 1 172 trees, 34 thousand shrubs, 17.5 thousand autumn flowers and 170 thousand of bulbs of spring flowers. It should be to remember that there are comprehensive data for the entire Capital City of Warsaw, and the plants are planted also on behalf of, among others, offices of districts and urban forests of Warsaw.

Maples, limes and cherries along the capital's streets
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Maples, limes and cherries along the capital's streets