Lviv mayor in Warsaw

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Mayor of Lviv meets Warsaw counterpart
Author: Ewelina Lach

Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has pledged further assistance to his Lviv counterpart, Andriy Sadovyi. A working meeting between the two local government officials was held in Warsaw today.

Since the beginning of the war, the president of Warsaw and the mayor of Lviv got to know each other well and have spoken to each other multiple times – but only on the phone or online. This was the first time they had an opportunity to shake hands in person. 

We have been working closely together since the outbreak of the conflict, stated Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. We have joined efforts of securing the monuments of Lviv and provide in-kind aid. We know that at present the main challenge is to provide power to the city, so we are buying generators, because that was what our friends from Lviv said they needed, Rafał Trzaskowski added. 

The Lviv mayor has travelled to Poland from Brussels as for many months he has been applying for the implementation of the Unbroken project for the construction of a rehabilitation centre in Lviv. 

We will also do our best to participate in this project, declared Mayor Trzaskowski. 

I would like to thank the Mayor of Warsaw and, through him, all the Polish people – for the past, present and planned support for next year, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadov said. Eleven thousand injured, including children, women and seniors, have already arrived in Lviv. This causes me pain. I need to make sure surgery is performed correctly and that people are provided with prostheses, physical rehabilitation and psychological support. That is why I would also like to thank you for supporting our project of the Unbroken rehabilitation centre. Lviv must live, Ukraine must live. No one can break us! concluded Mayor Sadovyi. 

Warsaw's aid to Lviv includes, among others, care for the city's cultural heritage as well as the establishment of the House of Reconstruction of Ukraine at the initiative of Warsaw's Capital City Heritage Protection Authority. The platform is focused on the problems related to the rescue and restoration of the destroyed monuments of Poland's eastern neighbouring country. 

As part of our initiative, 58 power generators will be purchased in the near future together with the Aliph and the Brda Foundations. They are essential for surviving the winter. This is the first delivery and it is already underway. 

At the end of the meeting, the mayor of Lviv handed Rafał Trzaskowski a piece of a Russian rocket that fell on Lviv. It is painted in cheerful colours – as a sign of steadfastness and victory – by children from a hospital in Lviv. 

Lights for Ukraine 

Warsaw joins the global solidarity action "Lights for Ukraine". As part of the initiative, the illumination of the most famous landmarks all over the world will go out – including the lights of Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, which are to be dimmed tomorrow. It is a symbolic transmission of light to Ukraine on the darkest day of the year.