Local Activity Spots (MAL - Miejsca Aktywności Lokalnej)

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MALs are places which provide free-of-charge access to space and equipment (e.g., a projector, a sound system or kitchen appliances) and share their knowledge on how to implement one’s own ideas. Individuals or representatives of informal groups, NGOs or entities operating for the benefit of local communities are welcome.

MALs are not just a new type of institution, they are a work style and a common idea. New locations can join the MAL network, managed by:

  • public institutions (libraries, culture centres, schools, social welfare centres);
  • non-governmental organisations;
  • housing cooperatives, housing communities or housing estate councils (housing estate community clubs);
  • local enterprises (club cafés, cafés, cinemas or private theatres).

What can I do there?

At your MAL, you can get to know your neighbours better, spent time with them or organise various types of meetings. There are numerous possibilities: you can invite your neighbours for a swap event to exchange used items, organise a chess tournament, cookery or art workshops, meetings devoted to reports from a trip, and even a dance night. You can make nearly any idea come true at a MAL. Remember that it not possible to organise commercial events (with an admission fee for participants), political or religious activities there.