Literature suits me fine. Polish-Ukrainian project for the exchange of creative ideas

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The Bemowo Library inaugurates a project of dialogue between Polish and Ukrainian culture, which will enable both communities to meet cultural diversity, get to know each other's culture, customs and traditions, as well as literature.

It is a continuation of the previously initiated process of getting to know both cultures and educational activities.  For several months, Polish language learning centres have been operating in several library centres in Bemowo district. – Observed in the local community, the demand for meetings with culture, art, literature, for getting to know each other, cultivating cultural identity, and at the same time the emerging curiosity of each other, determines and encourages people to act in this area. By pointing out the inspiring literature of Polish authors, we want to open Ukrainians to culture and literature of our country, while we want to give our compatriots the opportunity to learn about the richness of the culture of the country from which refugees come. This cultural exchange will result in openness and mutual understanding in the future and, hopefully, respect for tradition – says the project coordinator, Joanna Braun.

As part of the project, meetings of Polish and Ukrainian children will be organized, during which teachers will acquaint them with folklore, through poems, proverbs and sayings, folk music, songs and folk art. In the subsequent stages, they will introduce children to well-known poets and writers on which Polish and Ukrainian literature was built, and familiarize them with contemporary literature and writers of both countries. After the end of the project, it is planned to continue literary meetings with writers for children, culminating in the production of podcasts and film etudes.

The project "Literature suits me fine" will take place in October and November in MAL Spotykalnia. It is implemented under the Cultural Education Fund 2022 co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw.