Let’s meet at the Zodiak

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Let’s meet at the Zodiak
Let’s meet at the Zodiak

Soon the debate on the future of the economy and the urban-planning of Warsaw will be relocated to the refurbished Zodiak Pavilion, as an agreement for the refurbishment of the building and the surrounding area has been signed with a contractor.

Today marks the symbolic commencement of real changes in this place. After the architectural design competition and the development of the concept of the arrangement for the Zodiak Pavilion and its surroundings, an agreement with the contractor was signed. We hope that Varsovians will find the changes that we propose appealing”, said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor Of Warsaw. “On this very spot,  we would like to offer all residents this innovative project. I believe that this space will gain new life, and a new image for sure. New green spaces, among other reasons, will certainly contribute to this”.

The Zodiak Pavilion at the Wiecha Pasaż in Śródmieście District will gain new functions. The Economic Information Centre of the City of Warsaw’ s European Funds & Economic Development Department will be located on the first floor of the pavilion. It will be a showcase for the thriving metropolitan area of the capital.

The ground floor will be occupied by the offices of the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects. Architectural and urban designs will be displayed there.
Greenery will be reintroduced to the surrounding area. Vertical gardens will be established there. Due to the development of the underground infrastructure, there will be no trees.
The building-redevelopment designs and specifications were prepared by the Warsaw architecture firm called Kalata Architekci, and the designs and specifications for the square in front of the building was prepared by the Kraków firm called Gowin & Siuta. The completion of the project is planned for 30 June 2018.