Let’s cycle across Łazienkowski Bridge during the summer holiday

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Let’s cycle across Łazienkowski Bridge during the summer holiday
Let’s cycle across Łazienkowski Bridge during the summer holiday

A footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists on Łazienkowski Bridge will be ready by the coming summer holiday. An agreement for the design and construction of a footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists under the bridge was signed today.

This pedestrian and bike crossing will span several hundred metres and will be suspended under the bridge, and will have bridgeheads on both sides of the Vistula. The footbridge will be 3.4 m-wide and will be suspended below the bridge platform. Its slant will no be greater than 6-7 percent. The entire route will be furnished with new lighting. Two such footbridges will be erected – on the northern and southern side of the bridge. On the left bank of the Vistula they will merge with cycling paths in Cypel Czerniakowski, and on the Praga bank – with the cycling path running along Wał Miedzeszyński.

Also an additional footbridge above Wał Miedzeszyński (on the northern side of the Łazienkowska Thoroughfare junction) will be constructed. It will connect to the recently constructed cycling path along Stanów Zjednoczonych Avenue. There will be a margin for a future ramp, which will facilitate access to the beach and recreational path on the Praga bank of the Vistula.

Five companies entered the tender. In addition to the price, the evaluated criteria included the term of project completion (decreasing it by 18 weeks) and the warranty period – 120 months. All entities participating in the tender offered 10-year warranties and the final deadline for works on 27 July 2017. Thus, the price became the decisive factor. The most expensive bid amounted to PLN 18.4 m. On the other hand, the cheapest bid was submitted by Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Mostowe Sp. z o.o. Budownictwo Spółka komandytowa as part of consortium with Intop Warszawa Sp. z o.o. – PLN 13.5 m. Thus the Municipal Road Authority awarded the contract to this company. The Warsaw Council allocated PLN 16 m for the construction of the footbridge.

A detailed design prepared in line with the concept of Transprojekt-Warszawa should be ready in autumn 2016, and the deadline for its construction is 27 July 2017. Łazienkowski Bridge will be the sixth bridge with a cycling infrastructure.