Legia Warszawa celebrates together with the capital

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Legia Warszawa celebrates together with the capital.Fot. E.Lach
Legia Warszawa celebrates together with the capital.Fot. E.Lach

Legia Warszawa is not only one of the capital's clubs, a team playing in Ekstraklasa, but above all, the heir to centuries-old tradition that few football teams can boast. This year, Legia is celebrating its centenary and will be celebrating it together with the Capital City of Warsaw.

The agreement on cooperation in the anniversary celebrations was signed on the grass of the stadium at ul. Łazienkowska by the representatives of the city and the club.
“Warsaw and Legia have a common history, therefore, there must be cooperation in the centenary of the Club,” said Jarosław Jóźwiak, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, after signing the agreement.
Legia and Warsaw are inseparably linked, and our Club and the community of its supporters are deeply rooted in the urban identity,” says Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice-Chairman of Legia Warszawa. “Our cooperation with the city authorities has been very good for a long time, that is why it was very important for us to celebrate our centenary together. I also hope very much that our cooperation will be continuously developed.”

The idea for the joint undertaking results from the involvement of the Club in life of the residents of Warsaw. Legia conducts many social and charitable projects, trains children and young people, is involved in the promotion of the capital.

Thanks to the agreement, the anniversary celebrations will be seen on the streets of the capital. Warsaw committed itself, among others, to decorate the surroundings of the stadium at ul. Łazienkowska with banners, highlight the Palace of Culture and Science with the colours of Legia on match days, decorate the eastern stands of the city stadium with an appropriate banner and cooperate in organising the Centenary Race, which will take place on 4 June.

On the anniversary, among others, the Club will invite the residents of Warsaw to a special tour of the facilities of Legia with a guide, make the Museum of Legia at ul. Łazienkowska available for free, publish an occasional Centenary Book and prepare a special exhibition together with the History Meeting House.

On match days, the public transport vehicles directly support the city stadium at ul. Łazienkowska will be decorated with the flags of Warsaw and Legia.
Information about the celebrations will be available on the website of the Club and the city, the capital Facebook, as well as urban information carriers.