Leave your Car, Right Now!

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Wygodny Rower
Wygodny Rower

From 16 Sep. to 22 Sep. the whole Europe celebrated European Mobility Week. On 22 Sep. Warsaw had its own Day Without a Car. The Warsaw authorities encouraged residents to leave the car in the garage and change it to the public transport or a bike.

At this occasion the good news of the day was, that the City of Warsaw have chosen a company that will arrange the bike rentals in Warsaw. The planned system will consist of 120 rental points with 2000 bikes available all day long, 7 days a week, from April to October.

During the end of the European Mobility Week there were free bike rentals at four locations in Warsaw:

  •     Defilad Square – at the exit of the metro
  •     Na Rozdrożu Square
  •     Krakowskie Przedmieście
  •     ZOO, near the bears - in front of the Prague Hospital

About the European Mobility Week

The idea of this week was created in 1998 in France. In Poland, the Day Without Car is celebrated since 2002. The campaign is to stir ecological habits and to show that life in the city without car is not only possible but even much more pleasant.

author: Ministerstwo Środowiska. City of Warsaw
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author: Ministerstwo Środowiska. City of Warsaw
author: Ministerstwo Środowiska. City of Warsaw