Large and small investments in the zoo

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Large and small investments in the zoo
Large and small investments in the zoo

The Warsaw zoo will receive not only 200 new trees, but also some specialised equipment, which will be used to reintroduce the European pond turtle.

Protecting the European pond turtle
The reintroduction of the European pond turtle, which means a repeated introduction of juvenile specimens into the environment in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, is part of the project entitled 'Comprehensive protection of biodiversity in the scope of fauna and flora including elements of ecological education', implemented by the City of Warsaw.

The project, aiming at protection of the European pond turtle, will be implemented by the Warsaw Zoological Garden. In preparation for the implementation of this task, the necessary incubators, data loggers, a thermal camera and a pontoon have been purchased. The European pond turtle is a protected species, listed in the Red Book of Animals and has the EN status – extremely high risk species, at risk of extinction.

Changes to the main lane
The main lane of the Warsaw zoo is also undergoing comprehensive changes. This representative part of the garden shall soon be enriched with 200 new trees.

The lane will be also subject to thorough modernisation – both in terms of road layout, structural landscaping and underground installations. The architectural barrier in the form of pavements elevated above the road level will also disappear.

Other projects
Other projects in the Warsaw zoo are also being implemented. These include the construction of a new snow leopard enclosure, which is underway. A new zoo entrance is also being created, and it will be located by Jagiellońska Street, opposite Hallera Square. The new box office facility will be equipped with turnstiles and an entrance for disabled wheelchair users. The design and tender documentation is being prepared.