La Folle Journée Festival

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La Folle Journée is a series of music events, implemented since 1995. René Martin, the initiator and organizer of the festival, as well as the initiator of other festivals and numerous concerts of classical music worldwide, is also the founder the of CREA — Centre for Artistic Research and Creation in Nantes. The idea of the festival is to popularize classical music and bring it to the widest possible audience, to inspire them to get started with classical music, open new horizons for the reception of art and discover new fascinations.


    * Individual selection of the program: a lot of concerts at one time and place for a few days;
    * Symbolic ticket prices: PLN 5-7-10;
    * Affordable length of the concert: 45 minutes;
    * The free atmosphere of the event: no evening dresses, crazy atmosphere of a feast of music;
    * The highest artistic level: the presence of prominent, world-renowned virtuosi.


For many years the International Festival “La Folle Journée” has been carried out successfully in many countries: from France (since 1995), through Spain (in Bilbao since 2002), Japan (Tokyo and 4 other  cities), to Brazil (in Rio since 2007). It has a recognized position in the cultural life of their local communities and has great popularity. From the beginning of the existence of the Festival, Sinfonia Varsovia takes part in all its worldwide editions.

La Folle Journée is the biggest music festival in the world as far as the number of concerts, number of performing artists and the audience density is concerned. This year in France only, almost 200,000 tickets were sold and 460 concerts were performed by 1800 artists. And in Tokyo - over one million tickets!

Additionally to the concerts, during the Festival take also place several educational programs, interesting workshops for teachers and students, and special concerts for children and parents.

In 2010 all the editions of La Folle Journée Festival all over the world gathered about 400 thousand spectators who listened to 950 concerts (270 concerts in France, 60 in Bilbao, 300 in Japan, 48 in Brazil, and 120 concerts in Poland - attended by 26,000 listeners).

Honorary patronage:

    * Mayor of the City of Warsaw
    * Minister of Culture and National Heritage
    * Minister of National Education
    * Ambassador of France in Warsaw
    * Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary in Warsaw
    * Ambassador of Austria in Warsaw
    * Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw