Investments in the Warsaw metropolis

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Investments in the Warsaw metropolis
Investments in the Warsaw metropolis

As part of the Integrated Territorial Investments in the Warsaw metropolis, local authorities have signed agreements for EU funding worth over PLN 320 million. This money will help i.a. provide additional places for children in nurseries, as well as to build cycle paths and P&R facilities.

“We concluded agreements concerning 45 projects with a co-financing amount of PLN 320.8 million. The projects are implemented individually by municipalities, in partnership with other municipalities, in partnership with Warsaw authorities or by thriving non-government organisations and private enterprises operating in the area of the Warsaw metropolis,” says Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “All the activities revolve around the partnership arising from the covenant of 40 municipalities signed in February 2014 and the common investment strategy.”

Investments of Warsaw and 39 surrounding municipalities are being implemented thanks to European funds worth over EUR 165 million drawn from the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme for the Mazowieckie Voivodeship as part of the Integrated Territorial Investments instrument. This special pool of European money will help local governments of the Warsaw metropolis shape vital aspects of life, such as public transport, education or economic development. The funds will facilitate a closer cooperation of Warsaw and the municipalities of the agglomeration, making the maximum use of their potential and assets.

What are we building?

Cycle paths
There are currently 12 projects contracted, thanks to which a cycle-path network will be expanded in Warsaw and in the area of the surrounding municipalities. Local governments will receive over PLN 230 million of co-financing from European funds for that purpose. As many as 327 km of cycle paths are due to be built by 2018 as part of these projects.

“Park & Ride” facilities
13 projects were selected for implementation in the first call for proposals, thanks to which the network of “Park & Ride” facilities will be expanded. All the designs have been contracted, for which the expected EU co-financing amounts to PLN 59.1 million. The planned investments include the construction of new facilities or the redevelopment of  existing car parks in Warsaw (PLN 2.8 million co-financing) and in the municipalities surrounding the capital city.

Educational and vocational counselling
The amount of contracted EU co-financing within this activity is PLN 895.5 thousand, which means that 41 schools and institutions will receive support as part of the projects. Two projects which are currently being implemented are aimed at developing educational and vocational counselling, as well as at fostering cooperation with the labour market.   

General education
Within this activity, the total contracted EU co-financing amounts to PLN 7.6 million, and 7622 students and 511 teachers are expected to benefit from it. The projects which are currently being implemented are aimed at shaping key competencies and attitudes/skills in children and teenagers that are necessary for being successful when entering the job market. These include competencies in the field of: mathematics, natural sciences, IT, communicating in foreign languages, and attitudes/ skills such as: creativity, innovativeness, team work and entrepreneurship.
Day-care facilities for children under 3
Agreements have been signed for the co-financing of 9 projects worth PLN 22.6 million. Thanks to this, new places in day-care facilities for 933 children are due to be opened in Warsaw and in the surrounding municipalities. The City of Warsaw will receive over PLN 15 million for the co-financing of places for 700 children in nurseries in Białołeka, Praga-Południe and Żoliborz districts. Subsequent projects, implemented by private entities, involve new places for children in Wola, Mokotów, Praga-Południe, Ursus and Bemowo districts. Moreover, 100 new places for children will be provided in the area of Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Wiązowna and Piastów.