Let us place the ДЕТИ inscription in front of all theatres

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Author: UM Warszawa

The ДЕТИ (“children”) inscription in front of the Drama Theatre in Mariupol has become a symbol of the barbarity perpetrated by the Russian army in that city. As a sign of solidarity, a similar inscription was also created on Defilad Square in Warsaw. In connection with the World Theatre Day, people representing Warsaw’s cultural circle are encouraging other cities in Poland and around the world to do the same.

On 24 March, the ДЕТИ (“children”) inscription was painted on Defilad Square between two theatres – Dramatyczny and Studio, referring to the dramatic events taking place in Mariupol, Ukraine. The local theatre was hit by Russian airstrike on 16 March while about a thousand people were hiding there, including hundreds of children.

The organisers of the Warsaw artistic action encourage cultural institutions both in Poland and abroad to make a similar gesture, in line with the message prepared for this year’s World Theatre Day, which was read out on Thursday on Defilad Square:

Let us place the ДЕТИ inscription in front of every theatre in Poland and in the world.

Let this word be heard across the world: ДЕТИ ДЕТИ ДЕТИ...

Let the criminal hear it and realise that it strikes us all.

Let Ukraine hear it and learn that we are all with them.

Let the world hear it and get down to work on a new future.

The message in the Polish language for this year’s World Theatre Day was prepared by theatre director Monika Strzępka, together with the Drama Collective composed of: