Inhabitants of Warsaw need new bridges

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Fot. Warszawa
Fot. Warszawa

Warsaw needs a new crossing over the Vistula river. This view is shared among 86% of respondents, who participated in the general public study from January conducted on behalf of the city.

-I am happy that inhabitants of Warsaw appreciate the importance of the problem and opt for construction of new bridges. We still do not have the required number of crossings and each constructed bridge improves the communication in our city – says Jarosław Jóźwiak, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

66% of inhabitants of Warsaw have admitted that the capital city has insufficient number of bridges. To the greatest extent this problem is experienced by inhabitants of south-eastern districts (Praga-Południe, Rembertów, Wawer and Wesoła) – this view is shared by 75% of respondents. Insufficient number of bridges is identified by inhabitants of south-western districts (Mokotów, Wilanów, Ursynów, Ursus and Włochy) and north-eastern (Białołęka, Targówek and Praga-Północ) - accordingly 69 and 68%. To a smaller extent, this problem applies to north-western districts (Bemowo, Bielany and Żoliborz) and central (Środmieście, Ochota and Wola) – 61 and 57% of indications.

Vast majority of respondents - 86% believe that in Warsaw in the nearest future it is important to construct new crossing over the Vistula river. Such view is expressed mainly by inhabitants of right-bank - north-eastern districts (91%) and south-eastern districts (90%).

Plans to construct Krasiński bridge, which will extend Krasińskiego street in Żoliborz and in Targówek will enter Matki Teresy z Kalkuty street are familiar to the half of inhabitants of Warsaw, including 71% of inhabitants of Białołęka, Targówek and Praga-Północ  and 61% of inhabitants of Bielany, Żoliborz and Bemowo. Slightly smaller percentage of inhabitants were aware of this investment in Praga-Południe, Wawer, Rembertów and Wesoła – 47%, Wola, Ochota and Śródmieście – 47%, Mokotow, Ursynow and Wilanów – 44% as well as Ursus and Włochy - 50%

Positive view on the construction of bridge with a roadway for vehicles, bus-pass for buses, tram line, bicycle path and pavement for pedestrians is shared among 80% of inhabitants of Warsaw. Such a solution was mainly appreciated by inhabitants of north-eastern districts (89% of positive indications). To the smaller extent this project was supported by inhabitants of north-western districts (76% of positive indications).

People who participate in the study indicated that investment will positively affect the life of inhabitants of Żoliborz (70%), Targówek (84%) and Praga-Północ (78%).

Study with the use of telephone interviews (CATI) was conducted, from 14 to 25 January this year, on a representative sample of 1100 inhabitants (aged 15 and more).