Ice swimmer season

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Lower temperatures and shorter days are no reason not to visit the banks of the Vistula River. On Sunday, November 6, at 10.00 at the Rusałka/ZOO Beach, we are starting the winter season by the river. The sixth edition of the ice swimming school in the Wisła District is starting.

Dozens of people in swimwear, shoes, hats and often in gloves walk on Vistula sand. They enter the icy water in the Vistula River and enjoy a cold bath for a few minutes, while skipping slightly. There are cries of wild joy over the river.

This is what the city ice swimming organized by the Wisła District has been like since 2017. This year, the organizers planned meetings for seven consecutive Sundays. The cycle will end with group fun and an outdoor concert by the fire.

The four seasons of the Vistula River

Every year, interest in the subject of ice swimming is growing. Some people appreciate the pro-health aspect of cold baths, for others it is a challenge that requires breaking down their own barriers. It is impossible to pass by this activity indifferently, which is why the capital city of Warsaw meets the expectations of Vistula enthusiasts.

We have in our ranks both veterans who are with us from the beginning and we count on people who will take their first steps with us in icy water. We know from experience that it is always easier to make a decision about such an unusual bath in a group. What should be remembered? The most important are good humour, openness to new experiences, enthusiasm and the right outfit – says Magdalena Młochowska, a director and coordinator for Green Warsaw at the Capital City Hall.

You can find all the necessary information about ice swimming, which is worth knowing before the first entry into the water, on the Vistula District Facebook profile – in the Four Seasons of the Vistula event – ice swimming school.

Let's ice swim responsibly

The ice swimmer should have a towel, a swimsuit, warm outer clothing, a bag for wet things, protective shoes and a hat, scarf and gloves.

Assembly at the Beach Bar Aquatica at 1/5 Wybrzeże Helskie Street. From there, hopping ice swimmers reach the Rusałka/ZOO beach, where group warming-up exercises take place. Only then does the entry into the water begin.

The care of the participants in the urban ice swimming will be provided by the Capital Water Volunteer Emergency Medical Services. There will be an additional medical rescue unit on land. After the end of the bath, the participants of the event will have hot soup and tea and a lot of warmth from other participants of the event.

Cleaning or dressing up awards

Each ice swimming will be preceded by a joint cleaning of the Vistula water meadows. The city tries to add elements of pro-ecological education to every event by the Vistula River. The most active participants will be singled out every week.

We are co-responsible for the space by the river. Therefore, we also add joint cleaning actions to the events organized by the Vistula River. When we can combine them with activity and recreation, we get the essence of the Wisła District – says Jan Piotrowski, the proxy of the Mayor of Warsaw for the Vistula.

As every year, brave and creative Vistula ice swimmers can count on special prizes. Each meeting of the cycle will have a different theme. Every week, the most sophisticated swimsuit will be rewarded. In addition, for each active participation in the joint cleaning and dressing up in attractive costume it will be possible to receive stamps, and people who collect all, will also receive prizes from the Wisła District.

The event is completely free of charge. All you need to do is to come to the assembly point. Detailed schedule in the event on Facebook.