How will Jana Pawła II Avenue change?

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How will Jana Pawła II Avenue change?
How will Jana Pawła II Avenue change?

Even more roadways, broad pavements, new cycle paths and pedestrian crossings, more trees and parking spaces – this is how Jana Pawła II Avenue will change next year. The reconstruction design is ready.

During this year’s holidays, Tramwaje Warszawskie (Warsaw Trams) will upgrade their tracks in Jana Pawła II Avenue between the ONZ Roundabout and Elektoralna Street. There will also be new, broader stops located immediately next to Hale Mirowskie (the present one on Elektoralna Street will be relocated), and the tram company will lay the missing sections of the cycle path and intersection crossings as well.

The Municipal Road Authority plans the repair of Jana Pawła II Avenue and T. Chałubińskiego Street between the ONZ Roundabout and Nowogrodzka Street. Today, this more-than-kilometre-long section features no ground-level pedestrian crossings and the pavements are narrow and in poor condition. There are no cycle paths or parking spaces for cars. Here and there the Street has as many as 10 lanes. Next year this will change. The redevelopment design of the Street, commissioned by the Municipal Road Authority, is being prepared by Polska Inżynieria. The primary objective is to transform the Street’s surroundings so that they better accommodate the needs of all users, without making life difficult for any group. What will actually change?

For pedestrians – pavements will be repaired and broadened to at least 3 metres. New ground-level pedestrian crossings will appear on the Czterdziestolatka Roundabout (across the northern and western wings of the intersection and the southern roadway of Jerozolimskie Alley, by the Marriott, and also across T. Chałubińskiego Street on the axis of Nowogrodzka Street). The existing architectural barriers (faults and curbs) will be removed, and amenities for people with disabilities will appear. There will be also more benches.

For cyclists – 3-metre-wide cycle paths will be created on both sides of the Street (to the east – from the ONZ Roundabout to Złota Street, and to the west – from the ONZ Roundabout to Nowogrodzka Street). There will also be a cycle crossing in Nowogrodzka Street, which can become a cycling alternative to Jerozolimskie Avenue. New bike stands will be added along the entire Street.

For drivers – the roadway will be made uniform to include 3 lanes in each direction. This will not impact on traffic conditions: those lanes which are virtually unused now will be removed (e.g. to drive straight on the roundabout, doubled by flyovers). Instead, additional parking spaces will be created in bays on both sides of the Street, to a total of 66 (which is more than at present). The roadway will get a new flat surface.