How to behave in dangerous situations

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What should you do in a dangerous situation? How do you react when you hear an explosion or shots? These questions are answered in the posters placed in public transport vehicles and at stops.

Public transport in Warsaw is very safe, but in the event of any dangerous situations, there are specific procedures in place.

The Security and Crisis Management Department of the Capital City of Warsaw has prepared posters and leaflets to be found in public transport vehicles and at stops informing residents about actions to be taken if a terrorist threat occurs, including an explosion, shooting and a hostage situation.

If we hear an explosion, the rule of thumb is to run as far away from danger as possible. You should not think only about yourself, as in dangerous situations people must help one other to survive. If running away is not an option, lie on the ground and look for any cover, for example behind a wall. If you manage to leave the danger zone, you must notify other people of the threat.

There are different rules to follow in the case of a shooting. First and foremost, avoid windows and doors. Find a safe spot behind a wall or in an enclosed space. If possible, secure the entrance, for example by blocking it with a heavy wardrobe or cabinet. It’s important not to reveal your hideout and not to attract the aggressor’s attention, so turn off all sound-emitting devices, such as radios or computers. Disable vibration and sound on your phone.

If captured, remain calm and follow orders. Don’t try to oppose the aggressors, play the hero or attack them. Avoid rapid movements and ask for permission before you do anything. Avoiding eye contact is also essential.

It may also happen that you find a suspicious bag or package. Don’t touch, carry, open or move it, but notify other people and call 112 to report this fact to the police.
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How to behave in dangerous situations