How does a fire start? – an educational film for Warsaw’s pupils

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How does a fire start? – an educational film for Warsaw’s pupils
How does a fire start? – an educational film for Warsaw’s pupils

Can you put out burning oil with water? Why is it forbidden to play with matches? Can a damaged cable be a source of fire? – these are some of the questions answered at the first showing of the film for children entitled “Mobile Fire Threats Simulator – learn about prevention!”.

The film was screened for the first time in the historic watchtower at Marcinkowskiego Street, which houses the Centre for Education and History of the Warsaw Fire Service.
We met with kids to talk about fire hazards,” said Ewa Gawor, Director of the Public Safety & Crisis Management Department. “We purchased three models of single-family houses for the fire service, each consisting of six rooms: a kitchen, bathroom, several bedrooms and a living room. We will show the children what kind of hazards may occur in each of these rooms.”.

After the film the children were able to see the actual models and find out from fire officers how to avoid fire. Pupils were well aware of some types of threats, for instance that they must not play with matches, that an open fire in a fireplace can produce sparks, and these can lead to a fire, and that a damaged cable or overloaded power strip are also potential sources of fire. The children found it the most difficult to find the right answer to the question about burning oil. They found out that they cannot put it out with water, but they should place a lid on the pan to cut out air supply.

The Warsaw Department of the State Fire Service cannot afford to visit each school with the mobile fire simulators,” said Senior Brigadier Leszek Smuniewski, Commandant of the Warsaw Department of the State Fire Service. “The demand for such education is high, so together with the City of Warsaw we produced this film to reach hundreds of Warsaw’s pupils”.

The film, including a framework scenario, is a package to be used by schools to conduct educational classes for pupils, whether with the participation of a State Fire Service representative or led by a teacher.  

The main purpose of the film is to make pupils aware of the hazards and to teach them how to behave during a fire. Potential fire factors were presented with the use of the Mobile Fire Threats Simulator. This is a 1:12 model of a single-family house which can be used to demonstrate how fire starts in six different rooms. The tree simulators were purchased by the  City of Warsaw for the Warsaw Department of the State Fire Service. Their cost was over PLN 130,000.