Helping cats at large

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Helping cats at large.Fot. E.Lach
Helping cats at large.Fot. E.Lach

In Warsaw, approximately 30 000 cats live at large. Warsaw signed an agreement to purchase nearly 260 tons of cat food that will be used to feed cats within the next 14 months. Cats, apart from food, also need the help of the inhabitants. Particularly in the winter period.

The cost of buying cat food will be 1.6 million PLN. The food is going to be delivered from 1 February 2016 until 31 March 2017. It will be issued in five cycles. In each of them social guardians of the cats living at large will receive both dry and wet food.

In the effective period of the contract the purchase of more than 103 000 kilograms of dry food and 154 000 kg of wet food is planned. This means that in that time one kitty will have approximately 3.5 kilograms of dry food and 5.2 kilograms of wet food.

Winter is a particularly difficult time, therefore Warsaw appeals to its inhabitants to actively help the animals which constitute a constant element of municipal ecosystem.

Wild cellar cats living in the buildings surely and naturally prevent the presence and multiplying of rodents - mice and rats.

The City of Warsaw asks the buildings administrators, real estate administrators and all people from Warsaw to facilitate free access to cellar rooms for cats all year-long.

According to the World Declaration of Rights of Animals all animals are born equal towards life and have the same rights to existence. The Polish Act on Protection of Animals orders a humane treatment of all animals, including cats at large.