Green Roofs on Warsaw's Bus Shelters

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Plants on the roofs of Warsaw's Bus Shelters

In August, the roofs of Warsaw bus shelters became green - 18 of them were covered with sedum carpets. By the end of the month, two more canopies will undergo the same metamorphosis. Therefore, as the capital of greenery, Warsaw is becoming the leader of this type of solutions in our country.

AMS, the company operating the bus shelters of Warsaw Public Transport, in cooperation with the Public Transport Authority (ZTM), in August, started planting sedum on the shelters. This operation makes them more passenger- and environment-friendly as well as more integrated with the urban space.

Test in the Żoliborz District

In August 2020, sedum was lined on the roof of a Warsaw bus shelter for the first time - on a pilot basis. The pioneer was the bus stop Ks. Popiełuszki 02 in Żoliborz. The project was realised by AMS as part of the implementation of the smart city strategy to create intelligent cities. In this experiment, the aim was to determine how the plants would withstand difficult conditions - temperature fluctuations from below zero in winter to high temperatures in summer, rain, snow, but also periods of drought. The sedums endured everything, the plants are still on the roof of the shelter today and look just as good as they did a year ago. This is what determined the choice of sedum as a bus stop plant. It is almost maintenance-free - no watering or fertilising is required, and it looks fresh and appealing for a long time.

Appearance is only part of the advantage of sedum in urban areas, and by no means the most important. Above all, it reduces dust in the air by around 15-20 per cent and absorbs 7.3 kg of carbon dioxide per year. During hot days, it lowers the temperature under the roof by 3-5 degrees Celsius. When it rains, the plant stores up to 150 litres of water, which contributes to the much required rainwater retention. Sedum also benefits insects with its long flowering period.

The second round

So far, the plants have appeared at eighteen stops - eight bus stops in Mokotów: Batumi 01, Chełmska 03, Wołoska-Szpital 01, Metro Wilanowska 18, Al Lotników 05, Metro Służew 01 and 02, Konduktorska 02 and one tram stop - Rondo Unii Europejskiej 03, as well as two tram stops in Włochy: Hynka 03 and 04 and three in Wola: Magistracka 01, Młynarska 04 and PKP Wola 03, in Żoliborz on the Elbląska 01 bus shelter and the Sady Żoliborskie 04 tram shelter, in Bemowo they were placed on the Wrocławska 01 bus stop, while in Praga Południe they appeared on the Gdecka 02 bus stop.

By the end of August, two more shelters are planned to be greened - in Mokotów at the Goraszewska 01 bus stop and in Praga-Południe at the Praga-Płd.-Ratusz 02 bus stop.