Green projects in Warsaw

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Krasinski Garden. Fot UM
Krasinski Garden. Fot UM

Warsaw is already an official candidate for the title of "Green Capital of Europe". The capital's aspirations to the name of green one are translated in whole-year actions of the City of Warsaw. Here are several examples of 2015.

The capital becomes more and more environmentally friendly. Warsaw features 27 city forests complexes, including 15 are managed by the local government of Warsaw, 85 parks and dozens of green areas. In the very centre of the city an area is marked out, covered by protection within the Nature 2000 program.

Under the performed supervision over nature monuments, among others, the following was conducted:
•    nursing treatments of 434 tree monuments;
•    support and lightning arrester system for the English oak Mieszko I – the oldest tree monument in Mazovia;
•    educational boards for 19 boulder monuments.

The amount spent on all works related to supervision over nature monuments in 2015 amounted to nearly PLN 360 000.

In 2015, in the areas managed by the Capital City of Warsaw more than 19 000 trees and 40 000 shrubs were planted.

Care over animals
In 2015, in order to feed animals living at large, more than 292 530 kilograms of  food were bought, including 92 235 kilograms dry food and 200 295 kilograms of wet food. The total amount spent on feeding animals was nearly PLN 1 550 000.

Last year, both actions of dog and cat chipping and sterilization/castration were entirely financed from the funds of the Capital City of Warsaw. During the first of them together 6444 dogs and cats were chipped – for this purpose the amount of nearly PLN 300 000 was spent.

Sterilization treatments covered 661 female cats and 543 bitches, and castration covered 308 cats and 348 dogs. The amount spent on these treatments was nearly PLN 350 000.


Non outlet tanks were demolished and sewer connections were made to 716 estates with subsidizing in the amount of nearly PLN 2 150 000;
More than 158 tons of asbestos-containing products and waste for the amount of PLN 517 000 were removed and neutralized;
109 investments using renewable energy sources (29 heat pumps, 37 solar collector system, 43 photovoltaic systems) were made for the total subsidizing in the amount of nearly PLN 1 300 000.

Opening the Nature-Forest Education Centre
 The Centre located in the Kabacki Forest complex performs classes concerning nature and raising issues related to social functions of the forest for children, teenagers, as well as for adults.

Environmental protection program for the Capital City of Warsaw
In 2015, works began on the main document of city management in the field of environmental protection – "Environmental Protection Program for the Capital City of Warsaw for the Years 2017-2020 with the Perspective To 2023".

The document will contain general characteristics of the city, diagnosis of the areas related to environmental protection (raising, among others, such issues as: air, waste management, biodiversity, water management, natural system). The document will also indicate directions of actions aimed at improving the condition of the environment in the discussed areas.