Further grants for the healthcare facilities of the Capital City of Warsaw

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The Warsaw Children's Hospital. Fot. R.Motyl
The Warsaw Children's Hospital. Fot. R.Motyl

This year the Capital City of Warsaw allocated PLN 73 million as means of financial support for the City's hospitals and outpatient clinics. This money will help finance the purchase of new equipment, modernisation works and the construction of new facilities.

“Thanks to the grants from the City, Varsovians have modern and well-equipped healthcare facilities at their disposal,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw. “Over the past ten years we have donated over PLN 1 billion to healthcare facilities, which is reflected in the good quality of the infrastructure and equipment”.

The municipal healthcare institutions conduct tendering procedures for the selection of providers of works and medical devices and equipment suppliers. Soon the allotment of the following tenders will be announced:

  • the modernisation of historic Building A of the Warsaw Children's Hospital – PLN 22.1 million (multi-year project);
  • the construction of a new outpatients’ clinic in the Bemowo District (around Chrzanowo) – PLN 15.2 million (multi-year project);
  • the purchase of angiography apparatus for interventional cardiology for Bielański Hospital – PLN 3.9 million;
  • the renovation of the offices of the Mental Health Outpatient Clinic and Substance Abuse Outpatient Clinic of the Warsaw-Mokotów SZPZLO (Independent Public Complex of Outpatient Clinics) at ul. Belgijska 4 – PLN 705 thousand;
  • the renovation of the offices of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Outpatient Clinic of the Warsaw-Ochota SZPZLO at ul. Szczęśliwicka 36 – PLN 805 thousand;
  • the renovation of the offices of the Warsaw-Praga-Południe SZPZLO at ul. Saska 61- PLN 850 thousand;
  • the renovation of the offices of the Warsaw-Praga-Północ SZPZLO at ul. Otwocka 1 – PLN 700 thousand.

City Hall has also secured the funds of PLN 40 million for the construction of an outpatient clinic and a one-day hospital in Białołęka, and has given land to the SPZOZ Warsaw-Białołęka for free-of-charge use at the junction of Przykoszarowa i Białołęcka Streets, with an area over 12 thousand sqm for this project.

At the same time the SPZOZ Warsaw-Białołęka – the future user of the facilities – is carrying out preparatory works for the project’s implementation. On 31 May 2016, a contract for the preparation of the programme and a spatial concept for the outpatient clinic was concluded, and further designs will be developed on the basis of the outpatient clinic project. The contractual deadline for the preparation of the project concept is 31.07.2016.