Free-of-charge access to football pitches, courts and outdoor gyms

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In addition to football pitches, tennis courts and running tracks, Varsovians can also use outdoor gyms and many other sporting grounds. All facilities can be accessed free-of-charge at specific times and days of the week.

The Capital City is encouraging all its residents to engage in sports in the open air after months spent mostly inside their homes. Several hundred sporting facilities across the city can now be used free-of-charge. These include facilities on school grounds. We have put together a database of sporting facilities for you to help you quickly find the nearest football pitch, running track or tennis court. We hope to see Warsaw’s residents stay active using the City’s sporting infrastructure, said Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Renata Kazanowska, encouraging Warsaw’s residents to engage in sports in the open air.

Each of the available locations has been described in a special database broken down by district. The database contains information about the types of facilities and surfaces available in a given area, as well as on the days and times at which they can be used. Some facilities are marked as having lighting, terraces and hygiene facilities.

Skra club running track

The sporting grounds of the now-defunct Skra club have been cleaned up and the running track has been renovated. Individuals can use it without having to book in advance. You only need to check if the track has not been booked by an organised group for the time you want to use it. The reservation schedule is updated on an ongoing basis on the website.

The running track, as well as the entire facility, is currently open every day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., since no lighting is available. During summer months, the opening hours will be extended.